The post of shame.

My brother in law wanted to set me up with someone and my initial reaction was HA NOPE KTHXBAI.

This was a week ago and today he shows up with him and I’m looking ugly and unprepared in my pajamas and he’s hot and I’m like A POTATO. 

I couldn’t even say hi I just looked away and then looked down. D: 

Ahh shit.

Realizing how much of a pathetic nerd I am. He probably thought he’d meet a pretty and skinny girly girl but instead it’s a girl who sits on her ass and plays video games wearing a Star Wars shirt who is too socially awkward to talk to guys past the friendship level. 

wooooo, kthxbai

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  1. oneofthoserainydays said: I agree with roquesden. :3
  2. roguesden said: MAGGIE, SHH, YOU’RE SO PRETTY. Plus if you play video games and like Star Wars, that’s such a bonus for guys!
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